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Together with the audio and random weird stuff, this flash represents the genre of "so stupid it's funny". Loved the prize I got at the end for watching your animation, wish move videos did that!

For future animations keep the same style of music you have now, it's very fitting. A longer animation would always help too. Keep up the great work!

I really liked it.

This was a great animation. The graphics were really good, though I'm not sure if you took them from somewhere or made them yourself. Either way they're still great. I also loved the audio, it really went with the theme. Most of all the intro was fantastic.

The only thing that I could say to improve this would be to add buttons next to the speech bubbles so people can read at their own pace and possibly make a longer series out of this.

Could have went further.

I actually liked the animation, art, and audio. What I didn't like is that it's a 5 second loop. You could have at least carried on the conversation or something. If you were to add more of a story element to this and more animation it would be a decent animation.

tehslaphappy responds:

Meh, it was supposed to be longer but I was like fuck it.


You took a comedy sketch from "The Whitest Kids You Know" and animated some stick figures on a white background. The animation and lip syncing was well done, but the entire audio was, well, stolen. It's not yours.

Yes, it's very funny, but you didn't make it up. You just animated some stick figures to it. So for me, getting front page and #10 all time top scoring is a bit much. I mean you did only pass with a daily 4th. That seems fair. To me it seems like when it went on the front page everyone voted high just because it was on the front page.

But that's just Newgrounds. This flash was entertaining only because of the audio, not the animation. That's why I gave it a low score, and why I think it's overrated.

I think you have some problems...

Let me get this straight, you read this comic online and liked it, so you animated some of the characters having sex? You made your account today and named it "allanfan69". I think your a bit obsessed.

Other then that the art was good and similar to the comic actually. Your animation was also very smooth and well done. Though you could have probably animated some of the actual comics instead of make a fan fiction sex scene.

If you plan on making any more animations about this comic that's what I would suggest doing. Though make sure you always credit the creator of the comic so you don't get in trouble. Also, some nice background music would be great.

allanfan69 responds:

This is good advice and in the future I will work on more professional-looking things! I suppose this was more of an animation test but I believed some people might like it so I shared it with the internet.


try doing a whole song instead of just 20 seconds of two songs on the same day...

You made an ad?

Great job on the graphics and animation, you definitely have talent. So why did you have to waste it making an ad for some other flash site? I liked everything about it except that it was a 'commercial' for another site. Not only that, it's a site you have to pay to be a member on.

Please never make another ad. The last thing Newgrounds needs is ad spamming.

Dillxn responds:

Oh. I'm sorry guys. I didn't even consider that aspect of it. Would you guys like me to take it down? I in no way meant to spam; that's the last thing I was trying to do. I love Newgrounds with all my heart, and each site, I believe, is different and should be respected in its own regard. Newgrounds and OMGPOP are incomparable. But again, if this is offensive, i'll remove it immediately.

Almost there.

The movie was actually very funny, but a lot of if was mostly just text. It would have been cool if you got someone to read the script. That way you could have Jim fighting zombies and then the voice over would be like "no Jim, don't do that!" and you could have subtitles at the bottom. A lot more work then text and buttons but it'll be worth it in the end.

If you didn't want to go all out on this one then you could have at least added some audio! It's extremely easy to do. Go to the audio portal and find a song you like that you could play in the background. If you need help getting audio into flash look it up in a tutorial. Good luck with your future animations.

Exevel responds:

That would be better I agree, this was more of a testing flash around thing than an actual movie, I had fun making it for a while but I got bored and I want to move onto better things, getting a graphics tablet soon and I'm gonna start animating rather than writing text on a screen, it's quite bad I know but it was just a bit of fun.

Anyway thanks for the advice, mabye I'll come back to it in the future.
Thanks for the review man =).

Funny, but needs some polish.

The basic plot of the story is funny and so is the animation. Like when Seed needs to make all the money if 12 hours and you have that montage and he's doing stupid shit, it's pretty funny.

However, the audio is a little off. It sounds like it's low quality. Make sure you make the audio sound as crisp and clear as possible, especially for voices.

Another thing that sucked was that the subtitles was over your website name. It made it really hard to read. If you want people to visit your website add a link to it in the bottom corner or something. You also say the N word a lot. I hope you're black because if not that's pretty offensive. Maybe tone it down a bit?

Finally, you have two play buttons. One on the preloader, then when you press that it shows the episode title then another play button. Figure out a way to only have one.

JohnnySkul responds:

haha n***aaa n***a n***aaaaaa, you think i chose to have sitty voices? nah, i just got a mic and no matter which one i get they all suck. So what the fuck am i gonna do? Spend $2,000 on an apple computer? I'm not seed you know. The Sub tites are clear so maybe you need glasses perhaps? Go to a doctor. But thanks for the review n***aa. Oh and for the n***a thing.. The seeds not white and KingPins a drug dealer, try telling one of them to watch there mouth, see how that goes. And about the play button is it to much to ask for you the click your mouse one more time??

A very decent animation.

For what I was first expecting this was actually very good. The animation was alright and the guns and stuff looked good. You could work on your art a little more though. I've said this before a million times, I'm a horrible artist too, so what I do is either use sprites or trace. Stick figures are noobish, and so is not having a preloader. Newgrounds kindly offers a free preloader you can download! Use this until you figure out how to make your own.

Another thing is the audio. The sound effects seemed a little off to me, this can easily be fixed, but what really bugged me is the voice. I know you can't help it but you sound like...well 12. It really makes the entire animation look much more nooby if you can tell it's made by a 12 year old. There are many helpful people out there who will do voices for you for just a little credit. Don't be shy. Ask around, having a voice actor do the talking in your movies makes you seem professional.

Good luck with your next animations.

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