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Together with the audio and random weird stuff, this flash represents the genre of "so stupid it's funny". Loved the prize I got at the end for watching your animation, wish move videos did that!

For future animations keep the same style of music you have now, it's very fitting. A longer animation would always help too. Keep up the great work!

I really liked it.

This was a great animation. The graphics were really good, though I'm not sure if you took them from somewhere or made them yourself. Either way they're still great. I also loved the audio, it really went with the theme. Most of all the intro was fantastic.

The only thing that I could say to improve this would be to add buttons next to the speech bubbles so people can read at their own pace and possibly make a longer series out of this.

Could have went further.

I actually liked the animation, art, and audio. What I didn't like is that it's a 5 second loop. You could have at least carried on the conversation or something. If you were to add more of a story element to this and more animation it would be a decent animation.

tehslaphappy responds:

Meh, it was supposed to be longer but I was like fuck it.

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Very well done point-and-click game with quirky characters and cheeky writing. Cooking the egg caught me off guard and I loved the office-esque "punchline face" you do with Pound. His unwavering calm smile and naïve attitude do well juxtaposed to the crude and crass world around him.

The whole thing left me wanting another adventure. Hope to see one soon!

OrangePylon responds:

[Pound looks at camera]
[Pound cucks Roy]

Glad to see this game come to completion! Valve could learn a thing or two from you about seeing a project through to the end (heck, I could learn some of that too!). This game has great voice acting and music, and it's nice to see everyone credited so explicitly. It also carries your signature art style, though it was missing a bit of that signature writing! I was waiting for a sarcastic one-liner, but like a poorly treated wife, it never came.

The world contained a great compliment of environments and Pokémon which allowed it to feel bigger than what it was. I'm sure it must have been hard choosing the few you put in the game out of the 721 possible choices. The attacks also had a good amount of variance to them too, with a mixture of strength, speed, and precision. I'm also glad to see that you're continuing to update the game based on reviews! It's always nice to see edits based on the feedback rather than have the game released then forgot about.

Not being the most avid Pokémon player out there, I found myself wondering which attacks and Pokémon would be the best to use in different situations. The Pokédex helped but was unfortunately lacking in information on the boss characters--the ones I wanted to know about most!

It was also not uncommon to find yourself verses a wild Pokémon that could move and attack faster than you could, leading to some frustrating situations of smashing the keyboard in an attempt to break free of Eevee's merciless barrage only to find yourself warped back to the nearest Pokécentre. Oh, that's another thing. A bit of a death animation would have been nice! I was freaked out the first time I died, thought it was some kind of glitch!

In the end I'm glad I got a chance to play this start to finish. It was fun exploring the world, trying to capture the best Pokémon and then leveling up to fight a difficult boss. Great work on this one and I'm of course looking forward to seeing future projects!

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks, buddy. There are exactly two snarky one-liners in the game:

1. One of the loading screen hints suggests that if you're having trouble running Pokémon Campaign, to "use a system newer than Bill's model." It was supposed to be a cute reference, but it turned out that a lot of people actually had trouble running it, so now I look like a jerk.

2. Try talking to Juniper in Canvas Town, then asking her how to talk to people.

Also, when I still had the Professor as Oak in the script, I had him remark "Oh, damn!" as you tell him about the final boss. You of all people would have appreciated that, I'm sure.

The type effectiveness in the Pokédex was an afterthought, and was only added a few weeks ago. Since the Pokédex was originally for looking up where to find Pokémon, I never thought to include bosses' weaknesses. You're right, it would have been nice.

Mystery Dungeon sprites don't have a death animation (I know, right?) so I did the best I could with a quick fade.

Thanks for the meaty review!

Simple fun game

I really liked the 8-bit graphics for this game and the audio you used fit it perfectly. I also found the animation was very well done.

One thing I found weird is that after you complete a level you don't get your hearts back that you lost, and the game does get old fast.

Overall it's a great game but very simple. It would have been nice to see some more dynamic features, like a way to shoot mail at enemies or some collectibles to keep the player interested as the game progresses. Looking forward to seeing more :)

OrangePylon responds:

Hey, faggot. I'm the new king of Comm. Tech. class at school now. Have fun at university with your doctor-ing and SHIT. I'm gonna stay right here and play with mailmen and raptors while you can perform open-DICK surgery. Truly I am living YOUR dream.

Disclaimer: I know this guy really well and he was famous for being the best at everything Flash at school til he left for university and I came around.

Yo! Nerd here. I'm part of Orange Pylon a flash animation "company". My specialty is AS, I'm not that great at drawing. :P -- 15 year old me This profile is an archive of how sototallyrandumb XD of a teenager I was.

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